Our Solutions

Our team of globally recognized, dedicated professionals in health, technology, academia, research and policy bring a fresh look to improving the health of every individual harmonized by digital touch.


Immersive Platform Features

Import, Create and Curate your virtual world with the best 3D training content

Manage users and content permissions to specific orgs, groups and users

Stream content wirelessly to any XR headset in the world

Track progress of training and engagement, including time spent

Integrate data with your current learning management systems via API’s

Faster time to market

Evidenced, Domain Agnostic Immersive Workforce Training Solutions

Workforce development strategies with immersive, simulation training evidence-based and validated to effectively address the challenges associated with challenging workforce conditions in the workplace.


Validated strategies for broader workforce development

With simulation, multi-modality imaging, AI/ML and IoT tailored strategies we address specific needs and challenges of the nature of the specialty and the prevalence of workforce health risk. Regular assessment and adaptation of our validated workforce development efforts are critical to long-term success in reducing and managing challenging work conditions in the workplace.